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Almost 2 years ago I became a mom after many years of thinking I would never have children. My priorities and values changed significantly after this. Quality time with my family and following my dreams became more important. Having a business that had flexible working hours and which allowed me to spend time with my family and allow me to travel more was what I was looking for. I gave up my corporate job and took the plunge and Little Things was born.

I always enjoyed dressing-up my daughter to celebrate those special moments, her 1st birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter and those special family photoshoots to capture our memories. But living in a remote place at the time did not allow for visiting the shops quickly and finding the perfect outfit. Also being a working professional I did not have much time for shopping during the week and well weekends were better utilised for fun and travel rather than shopping.

Online shopping became the answer! I could shop at my convenience and have products delivered to my doorstep irrespective of where I stayed or if I was travelling. However, most of the children's clothing online market in South Africa meant having to wait for weeks for products to arrive. I believe my online store will help close this gap as all products advertised are in stock and can be shipped almost overnight.

I am also passionate about helping others so a percentage of all my sales will go to charities of my choice to help uplift and support children in South Africa.

Our clothing ranges are quality imports, hand picked, from various countries around the world including Malaysia, India, USA, Turkey and China. I am however also proudly South African and believe in creating sustainable jobs in our own country. We are actively working with South African designers and manufacturers to grow this part of our business and support local products.

Should you be a South African Manufacturer you are welcome to contact us should you want to sell your range on our website. We are also committed to helping small start-ups so even if you are a Mom, like myself, trying to earn an extra income, you are welcome to contact us as well.

Below are pictures of my family, my everything...







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